Aerilon Colony

Original Colony Name/Associated Earth Constellation: Aries, The Ram

Libra writers spell the colony's name alternately as Aerilon or Aerelon.

Aerilon Characters

Aerilon Cities and other locations

  • The city of Athena, on Aerilon, is home to the Cardelli family.
  • Hunt McCormack is from Hedge City.
  • Tashkent was the site of a miners' uprising on Aerelon.
  • J.P. Ames lists Halcyon, Chinook, Hedge City and Bywater as Leeward Coast cities, on Aerelon.
  • Fleet Station Ursula is in Aerelon space, and is the home of Deep Space Patrol Command.
  • The AerStar docking facility is an orbital platform above Aerilon.


  • The Battlestar Intrepid was built at Aerilon.
  • Aerilon has at least one ocean.
  • Xenthais Merconi went to Aerilon at age 19 to attend the Aerilon Academy.
  • Aerilon is the site of a 3K rally car race, the Sea to Sky endurance rally.
  • Patrick Cardelli flies Raptor 727 from Aerilon.
  • Clive Brown's ceremonial dagger - an Order of the Dragon artifact - was likely forged on Aerilon.

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